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Introducing Me, The Mental Millennial Mom

Welcome to all,

I am the Mental Millennial Mom also known as Kelly to most. I am 28 years old and cannot tell you why I have decided to take on this new blog when I am almost 7 months pregnant with my first child. However, those who know me would simply say I am crazy and impulsive so it fits my brand. I have started this blog to be a voice for other first-time moms out there, I have PCOS and was told for years I would not conceive so it was basically a miracle when my first round of IUI not only took but has resulted in a healthy pregnancy.

Some things about myself before you decide whether or not you want to join this crazy community and hear about my experiences, trials, and errors, or just the times that I want to pull my hair out because of my incompetence or stupidity. I am first off a lesbian, I say that now because it took 22 years to say it and now I finally not only feel confident but proud when I tell people about my sexual identity. It no longer encompasses my entire personality as it did when I first came out but it is a big part of me. Next is that I suffer from a few different mental illnesses, I have Bipolar 1, a general anxiety disorder, and avoidant personality disorder. I have been hospitalized for these illnesses on several occasions and when I am not pregnant I take a whole pharmacy of drugs to help me cope with them. I like to use humor as a coping mechanism so if sarcasm or self-deprecation, or if dark jokes offend you in any way you may want to steer clear of my mental health blog posts. The last tidbit you should know about me is that I live abroad in Budapest, Hungary, I have for two years now and while it is amazing it has its ups and downs.


I will be talking about my life in general as this is a lifestyle blog, right now my life is consumed with becoming a new mom while dealing with my mental illness, and navigating this all in a foreign country where I feel like I am an alien species. If any of this interests you, then please feel free to subscribe and join me on this crazy adventure. We can laugh, cry, and pee ourselves together (I hear this is quite common after giving birth). Feel free to drop me a line whether in the comments section of my posts or at I look forward to getting to know my readers and them getting to know my innermost thoughts no matter how frightening or brutally honest they may be.

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